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12,000,000 Bells

43% Off
Animal Crossing 12,000,000 Bells

400 Nook Miles Tickets

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Animal Crossing 400 Nook Miles Tickets

Romantic Picnic Collection

22 Pieces

32% Off
Animal Crossing Romantic Picnic Collection

Pink Dressing Room

45 Pieces

27% Off
Animal Crossing Pink Dressing Room

Shamrock Pub Collection

61 Pieces

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Animal Crossing Shamrock Pub Collection

Winter Christmas Treasure Island

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Animal Crossing Winter Christmas Treasure Island

Treasure Island

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Animal Crossing Treasure Island

Cozy Christmas Collection

68 Pieces

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Animal Crossing Cozy Christmas Collection

Boho Friendsgiving Collection

65 Pieces

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Animal Crossing Boho Friendsgiving Collection

Turkey Day Collection

60 Pieces

28% Off
Animal Crossing Turkey Day Collection

Spooky Collection

30 Pieces

20% Off
Animal Crossing Spooky Collection

Haunted Yard Collection

74 Pieces

26% Off
Animal Crossing Haunted Yard Collection

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Buy Animal Crossing Bells in New Horizons

Bells are the main currency used in Animal Crossing. In ACNH, you will have to pay off your loans to Tom Nooks to finally get your dream house! NookShop has many cheap Bell Packages that you can purchase so you can focus solely on what's the most fun: designing your island!

Buy New Horizons Nook Miles Tickets & Villagers

Forget spending 2000 Nook Miles for a single Nook Miles Ticket and buy one of our cheap NMT packages. These can be used to visit deserted islands for mystery tours and to hunt your favorite ACNH villager. Tired of spending countless hours villager hunting? Buy your dream villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons directly and invite them to your island.

Buy Animal Crossing Items & Item Collections

Buy every single Animal Crossing New Horizon Item and get it delivered to you within 15 minutes! Browse our Item Collections for unique Indoor and Outdoor Creations from our talented designers.

Buy DIY Recipes & Book Treasure Island Sessions

DIY Recipes in Animal Crossing allow the player to craft tons of very popular items. Choose between thousands of DIY Recipes from our store. Want all DIY Recipes at once? Come visit our DIY island and learn all DIYs in the game in a single session. Or come visit one of our other treasure islands to get every item you need to turn your island into a 5 star island.