How to Earn Nook Miles Fast!

Are you new to Animal Crossing New Horizons? Or did you recently restart your island? Then you NEED to check out these tips! Nook Miles are a rare form of currency in ACNH that can be hard to earn. But with these tips and tricks, you will have all the Nook Miles you need in no time!

ACNH How to Earn Nook Miles Fast

1. Start Gardening!

You can earn over 25,000 miles just for having a green thumb! Need to pick up some seeds, flowers, trees, or produce to get a jump start on your garden? Look no further, we have you covered! Buy ACNH Flowers, Shrubs, and Trees

2. Talk to Isabelle!

Earn 500 miles for changing your town tune and another 500 miles for changing your island flag design!

3. Pick up the Golden Tools!

You can earn 6800 miles total for picking up all six of the golden tools! Don't know where to get the golden tools? Look no further than our Golden Tools Set! Buy ACNH Golden Tools

4. Go Shopping!

Add 500 items to your Nook Shopping catalog to earn a total of 6800 miles. Spend 5 million bells to earn another 6800 miles. Finally, store 300 furniture items in your home to earn an additional 10,800 miles! Need bells for your shopping spree? We have you covered! Buy all the ACNH bells you need here: Buy ACNH Bells

5. Master DIYs!

You can earn a total of 6800 miles by collecting 200 DIY recipe. Additionally, you can earn another 3500 miles for learning 50 food DIY recipes. Want to learn every DIY in the game? Check out our DIY treasure island! Buy ACNH DIY Island